Jonathan Jacobs

Jonathan Jacobs

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First Name * Jonathan
Last Name * Jacobs
Username * Ducimus
Country * Canada
City Montreal
Nationality Canadian
Languages EnglishFrench


Current Position Animator;Compositor;Designer;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingDefence Equipment ManufacturingGames ComputerGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoTeleproductionTelevisonVFX
Preferred Tools XSIModelingLightingAnimationCompositingMAYA3ds maxAfter EffectsPhotoshop


Availability: Freelance


I am 22 year Graphic Designer hailing from Montreal, Quebec. I am a graduate of Inter-Dec college with a professional degree in 3d Animation. I specialize in 3D Hard Surface and environment modeling. I am also capable of basic 3D animation and can perform rendering and lighting duties to a high standard.
I cannot texture which seems to be my weakest link as a modeler. I am currently trying to begin my freelance graphic design company which performs 2d and 3d graphics,mainly as a side job. I can however commit my time to any studio that requires a man of my talents.
I love cars and video games. At the moment I am building from the ground up a 16 Valve Turbo engine from my Mark II Jetta. I snowboard and workout as much a humanly possible.